Spence Mills

independent music production

Stop the press...

I'm just another hobbyist out here on the internet. My name is Spence and my love for music is so prominent that it has become the medium which i have used to express my creativity throughout the years. I started out song writing while searching for instrumentals online to write my songs over. I would search for hours and nights and weeks without ever turning up a sound that was exactly what I wanted. Anybody in the same situation knows the indescribable feeling you get when hearing the song that not only fits everything you were searching for, but also reaches you in a way that forces you to write even more. I was tired of searching.

The transformation between then and now was for more than a break in paragraphs. To sum up a lengthy period of time; I picked up some software, moved into learning the keyboard, continued to write, continued to NOT record songs, and continued to pile up unfinished projects. Countless folders of half finished instrumentals, songs without life. After this never ending cycle I decided to put my work out there for others to maybe enjoy and create their own songs over.  It turns out that despite my overwhelming lack of confidence, this was a pretty good idea. People found me and the reach has snowballed ever since posting my first instrumental to YouTube. The feedback and messages people have sent me since then has been insane. I never really expected that anybody would find any use with my music, but it did and it has been an amazing experience.

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