Spence Mills

independent music production

I feel as if I've just been losing focus on everything ever since my channel started to gain a small bit of success. I need to go back to the beginning and get myself into not being content again. I need to get back to expressing myself rather than just looking for praise. The progress in my ability has remained stagnant for over a year.

I need to get better, and I will.

I've cut myself off from social media and all of the distractions that come with it. I can't focus on everybody else anymore. Surrounding myself with all of the things that I love is what will keep myself sane. I can't focus on what everybody else is doing anymore because it makes me doubt myself.  I'm getting everything back together.

This blog will be filled with everything I want it to be. I'm not worried about the views, just as long as it gives me a place to be myself while I continue to produce content.

I love all of the fans I've gained throughout this journey. You all have made me believe in myself, and now it's time that I finally repay you by putting everything I have back into this. This is a much needed fresh start.

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